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We make it Easy!  Propane, Charcoal, BBQ Sauces, and Grill Accessories Delivered!
Propane, Lump Charcoal, Big Green Egg Accessories, BBQ Sauces, Rubs and More!
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Grill Tanks, Charcoal, Sauces, Rubs and Accessories Delivered to Your Door!

How it works

Grill Tanks, Lump Charcoal, Big Green Egg Accessories, Wood Pellets, BBQ Sauces and Rubs Delivered to your Door! We want to take the work out of buying propane, lump charcoal or anything else for the BBQ. We also give you a better value by giving you 10% more propane (17lbs v. 15lbs) than the tank exchange cages at the convenience store.  Putting a tank in your car is dangerous and heavy!  You don't even have to be home!  We serve Duval, St. Johns and Clay County, Florida.

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Brass Wood Grill Brush


This high-quality Brass Wood Grill Brush helps you put that special something, something on your grilled items. When we think of our "Staple Items" then this is one of those things that is at the top of the list. A good brush like this can provide your with years of service. This item is built to last and compliment your style as the King or Queen of the Grill.

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Wicked Good Weekend Warrior Hardwood Lump Charcoal


Wicked Good "Weekend Warrior Blend" Lump Charcoal is a wonderful all-around charcoal......a proven choice by our customers for fast, hot grilling or for their long, slow cooking. It's an excellent non-sparking charcoal for smoking and chefs love it for the easy lighting and long, even burn! It also imparts a very pleasant flavor, just enough to be noticeable, yet not enough to overpower your food.  22lb Bag.

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John Henry's Butter Pecan Rub


A twist on our most popular BBQ Rub. John Henry added a bit of butter flavor to his most popular rub, Pecan, to create Butter Pecan Rub.

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Cedar Grilling Planks - Big Green Egg 2 Pak


Plank cooking is a unique culinary method which originated with the Native Americans. The longstanding tradition of cooking on a plank has evolved into a popular at-home grilling technique that adds a whole new dimension to your grilling experience. Big Green Egg planks also come from certified sustainable and food grade sources and are select cut for optimum flavor.

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Slap 'Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning


Ole Ray's Kentucky Red Bourbon BBQ Sauce is a mild rich tomato based BBQ sauce with a hint of bourbon. Kids love it on burgers, fries and chicken nuggets. Great for the entire family!

2nd Place Winner 2007 National BBQ Association Barbecue Sauce: Tomato Mild
1st Place Winner 2006 National BBQ Festival Grand Champion
1st Place Winner 2005 National BBQ Association

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