How Does your Service Work?

Our Goals at Tank Swap Taxi are Clear!

  1.   Make your life easier - Stop lugging that tank to the store- it is a pain in the neck (or back).  Those tanks are dirty and heavy.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you.  If you choose, we can even disconnect your old tank and connect your new tank (for this option choose the 20lb grill tank with connection service).


  More Time for the things you enjoy - This is an easy one - you can't get that time back.  Would you rather spend 2 minutes placing an order online and moving on with your day or taking 30 minutes of your time -- driving to the store, going in, going out, waiting for that person who still writes checks or is buying a six-pack with all the change that is left in their ashtray...you get the idea.  Time is precious.  Don't waste it!

Keep you and your family safe - Propane, handled properly, is a wonderful product.  What isn't safe, however, is carrying a propane tank in the trunk or passenger compartment of your car (see pictures and links below).  Propane tanks are equipped with a pressure relief valve for safety.  When a propane tank heats up or is moved around, propane may escape the tank.  The liquid propane will escape as a vapor and it is heavier than air.  This will cause the propane gas to settle in the floorboard or trunk of your car -- it isn't a liquid, so you won't see it.  You may not smell it because it is lingering by your feet.  Many things can ignite that gas and create an explosion.  Mundane things like popping the electric trunk release, rolling down your window or cranking the car can be an ignition point.  Be safe. Be smart.  Order from TankSwapTaxi.com.

OK, How do I get started?

Order online or by phone at 904-642-8265.

Online Process:


Create a free account by clicking here.  If you need help please call us at 904-642-4265 for assistance.

You will be directed to create a username (your email address) and secure password.  Keep this password handy for the next time you come to our site.  When you register, you will be required to provide your credit card for secure check-out.  We don't have access to your credit card information and are only notified if your credit card is declined for some reason - security is very important to your experience. 

Based on your zip code, your delivery days will be either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday.  You will be able to choose which delivery day each time your order.

2. SHOP   


The first thing to know if that if you are exchanging a tank you have from Blue Rhino, Amerigas or any other tank exchange cage: IT IS YOUR TANK...YOUR PROPERTY.  You don't have to have one of our tanks first.  Simply exchange that tank for ours.

We don't charge delivery fees, but for delivery, we do have a minimum order of $21.50.  When placing an order you have 2 options when ordering propane, charcoal and wood pellets.

Option 1: Order a delivery when you need it "on demand". This is just what it sounds like.  If you are running low or are out of Propane, log into your account and place an order for delivery - you can also add a BBQ sauce, rub, or accessory to your Propane, Charcoal or Pellet Delivery.  We are in your neighborhood twice per week.

Option 2: Set up Recurring Delivery. You can be a recurring delivery to have a tank exchanged at your house every 1, 2 or 3 months.  A great option for Recurring Delivery is our Disconnect/Reconnect service.  With this service we will deliver a new propane tank to your house, disconnect the old tank from your grill and connect the new tank.  What can be easier than that?  When you sign up for recurring delivery, use your best estimate to determine how often you run our of propane (We have a little guide in the product description for 20lb tanks).  We can always change the delivery schedule if we find that you are needing propane more often than your delivery schedule.  Your credit card will be automatically charged when the delivery is made.  What can be more simple than that?




You will be assigned a delivery day depending on your Zip Code.  After that, just choose what you want, when you want it. You can order recurring deliveries every 1,2 or 3 weeks or every 1,2 or 3 months. You can easily pause your recurring deliveries if your ar traveling or for whatever reason, as long as it is done before the cut-off time.




As some spice (literally and figuratively) to your order.   We look for the best BBQ Sacues and Rubs to make your BBQ Grilling Experience something special (we are here to help you look good :).  We love suggestions for BBQ products you like and wish we carried.  Great suggestions lead to better products and service.  Be sure to check our “New Products” section often because we’re always adding exciting new options.



Mash   SAVE CHANGES   to finalize your order.


Order cut-off times are the night before your delivery date at 11pm. You will receive an email alert 24 hours before your cut-off time to remind you of your order and to see if you need to add anything.  Your account will be charged for whatever items are in your cart at your cut-off time and they will be delivered the following day.


You do not need to be home to receive delivery. Let us know in the notes section at your initial registration where you will leave the tank to be exchanged: eg: front porch/stoop, left side of house by garage, backyard on grill.  Also, if there are any other special instructions for our driver, this is a great place to put it (gate code combination, tank is behind a fence, grill is located here....things that will help us be efficient).  


Lastly, if you like our service, please Refer your Friends and receive a referral credit on your account when you friend mentions you as the incredibly smart and awesome person who referred them to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tank Swap Taxi is revolutionizing the way people buy Propane (also known as LP Gas), BBQ Sauces and Rubs, and grilling accessories.  There’s no dragging that tank in your car (not safe..see below) to the store, dealing with a clerk..yada, yada, yada!  No more frustation.  It’s as easy as 1,2, 3!


Do I need to buy a propane cylinder from TANK SWAP TAXI to get started?

You do not need to buy a TANK SWAP TAXI tank to get started.  If you have a Blue Rhino or Amerigas propane tank, or any other propane tank in working condition, without excessive rust and with an OPD valve (the triangular knob), we’ll exchange it for you at the exchange price.  It’s that easy.  You leave your empty or nearly empty propane tank out for us and we’ll give you a precision-filled, high quality propane tank, filled with propane in return.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

There is no need to be home for delivery!  Just leave your propane tanks to be exchanged in an accessible location for our delivery technician and we’ll do the rest.  We actually can’t schedule our drivers to meet you during a certain time window, so having your propane tank in an accessible location for us to pick-up is a requirement for using the service.  Just please put Cujo (dogs for you non Stephen King.


Do you connect or disconnect the tank for me?

We do offer a disconnect/reconnect service for a small fee.  Our technician will disconnect and reconnect your propane tank, as well as perform a leak test for a $3.00 fee.  This is a great way to leave the dirty work and the inconvenience to us. We enjoy it and it means you won't need to wait in line at the hardware, grocery or convenience store to get your propane exchange.


Do I have to have an exchange tank to use your service, or will you deliver a new, spare or back-up tank?  

Tank Swap Taxi does not require a tank exchange.  If you are looking for a tank for your new grill or just want a spare or back-up tank so you never get in a pinch, Tank Swap Taxi is here for you!  Just order online and we will deliver your tank without an exchange!

Do you also carry the larger 30 lb propane cylinders which are common on recreational vehicles and other uses?

Yes, Tank Swap Taxi exchanges and delivers 30lb cylinders, as well as 40lb and 100lb cylinders.

Do you also deliver Forklift Tanks?

Yes, we deliver 40lb, 100lb and Forklift Tanks for Residential and Commercial customers.  If you don't see the product on our website, call us at 904-642-8265.

Do you have a resource for Propane Safety?


Yes, please go to www.propanesafety.com for a wealth of information regarding propane safety.

Start by not putting your propane tank into an enclosed space -- such as your car .... there are a lot of things that are ignition points..this could lead to a "less than average" day. 

Order from Tank Swap Taxi, the safe way to get propane!

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